Our Story

About Mella's Jewelry Box LLC

Created in November 2019 and revamped in May 2023, Mella's Jewelry Box L.L.C. is a small business that makes beautiful, unique jewelry for all the nerds out there who are looking for something to call their own! All designs are influenced from our owner's personal and academic passions! Mella's love of studying science and history her entire life is represented in every item in the Mella's Jewelry Box catalog! When you purchase an MJB item, you are supporting Mella's desire to educate and inspire others through her jewelry! Thank you so much for supporting Mella's Jewelry Box!


About the founder/designer

A jewelry lover since birth, native Washingtonian Ramella Suber founded Mella's Jewelry Box L.L.C. in the excitement of sharing her passion for being a nerd fashionista! Destined to be a scientist, she became an alumna of Xavier University of Louisiana, graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Biology Pre-Medicine! Mella is currently a Laboratory Technician who leads the biotechnology program at the science institution she works for! She plans on becoming a cellular and molecular scientist, as well as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur! Ramella designs every single one of her items, and hand-makes every order, so she hopes that you will continue to support her small business as it continues to grow!


Why you should wear Mella's Jewelry Box...

Each piece is put together with care and affection! As a woman with sensitive skin, Mella treats her customers like she treats herself, using products that are skin-friendly, and last long! Her bracelets are made with memory wire, which retains the shape, and also have both a stainless steel lobster claw to lock around the wrist, and a 1.57 inch stainless steel extension chain to accommodate wrist size! All of her items are composed of hypoallergenic material, including and surgical stainless steel for earrings, and rhodium-plated iron necklace chains that are also nickel free! To top it all, each charm and metal piece is coated with a jewelry shield that protects from metallic irritation, so you can show off your Mella's Jewelry Box products with pride!


Mella, Owner of Mella's Jewelry Box L.L.C.